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You know those moments when you find yourself reading an article something like “12 ways your life is like the Truman Show” and wondered “How did I get here, and why am I reading this?!” Well my friend, it is all part of the plan. There are certain Formats for headlines that are used by big media to make it irresistible for you not to click on the content. My job is to teach you how to get more clients through digital and social media, so I want you to know the best way to get people to read and also share the content that you have created. It is fundamental!! So, I have kindly put together 9 simple headline formats so that you can get more people to read and share your content. Enjoy J

1) ‘X’ Lists, ways and tips

You might notice… that is exactly how this article was titled. Clever, huh? This is a great way to get likes and shares because it is an incredibly easy way for readers to consume content. They know what they are in for.

2)Common Myths

This is a great way to get someone’s attention because curiosity naturally makes you want to learn something new! Especially if it challenges a current belief you have. Think something like “4 Myths about Sit-ups Being Good for You”. It is, of course, important that you ARE actually dispelling a widely held belief, or it won’t work!!

3)Common Pitfalls

Exactly like busting a myth, people want to know what they should be avoiding! So occasionally, when possible, frame your content in the idea of pitfalls to avoid. An example, such as, “Common Relaxing Positions that Could be Causing Your Back Pain.”

4)Compare Groups

Let’s face it. People are competitive and like to see competition between groups with some semblance of rivalry. Woman vs Men; Running vs Swimming; Standing Desk vs Sitting Desk. An example would be, “Why Women make Better Entrepreneurs than Men”

5)Make an Unexpected Challenge of the Norm

Similar to challenging myths, challenging a common perspective is probably one of the most successful angles to take. “Why people with Green eyes are Worse at Math” and “Why Women who wear heals, have unhealthy legs”

6)Percentages and Amounts

Adding numbers will always give scope to content. So something like “Why 90% of Women are vulnerable to back pain” emphasises its significance. Another great reference that will get results is the use of the word “millions”. If you use this format, your amount HAS to be significant!! You can’t say something like “Why 35% of Women are vulnerable to back pain” It’s just not compelling to click…

7)Celebrity and Pop Culture

Always a winner, Love it or Hate it!! Celebrities, TV shows, movies, etc. will always be a great way to attract attention. “From Gwyneth Paltrow to Kim Kardashian: 6 Celebrity Inspired Health Regimes” is a great example to package up content!

8)News Tie-ins

Finding a way to present content tied to an ongoing news story or event will always pay off in Engagement. A great time is to tie in when a famous athlete has a common injury, and how it could have been avoided. These headlines will get a great boost from being in news cycles, but they aren’t the BEST format.

9)Calendar Tie-in

Last but not least, it is always a great idea to connect your content with a major calendar event. Even better, you get the advantage of being able to get your content sorted in advance! As example, for Valentine’s day “4 Ways to Love your Bank account Better this Valentines Day”.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Just because you have a great headline, doesn’t mean your content is going to flying through the interstellar web!! Your actual content has got to be good, also!! But using these hacks to package your content will definitely give it an impact and help it to be read and shared!

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