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What Goes Into The Making of a Great Website?

  • Razor Sharp Branding
  • Crystal Clear Unique Value Proposition
  • Un-Refusable Offer
  • Masterclass UX & UI Design
  • World Class SEO
  • Out of This World Copy Write

And A Whole 'Lotta Class and Style

Responsive website design that looks great on every device

Affordable Options

Top-Class web design shouldn’t break the bank, which is why we provide professional websites at prices that everyone can afford. It doesn't matter if you are after a simple start-up website or a powerful ecommerce website, we make sure you receive everything you need to achieve success online.

Ongoing Support

We offer a personalised service from start to finish, and as a digital web design company, we’re able to provide face to face assistance to clients worldwide over Zoom Video and Screenshare meetings. We offer support continuing long after your website is live. No question is ever too big or too small!

Digital Marketing

You have some of the best here to help you with every aspect of your online success. BrittSpence Web Design also offers a range of digital marketing services and courses to complement your website and help your business get ahead on the web. These include email marketing, social media, SEO services, and more.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

  • Over 20 Years' Web Design Experience
  • UX & UI Design Certification
  • Affordable Support
  • 5 Years' Digital Marketing Experience
  • Easy to Edit Platforms
  • Bespoke Design at Template Prices

Most Importantly
We Are Transparent


Just a Small Selection

So, if you are ready to reach more people with your services (and why wouldn’t you be?!), then Let’s get started!

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Got Some Questions?

Most frequent questions and answers

What happens after I purchase?

Light and Max:  These are automated services, and designed to be delivered to you quickly, of the highest quality, but with no need for a formal consultation.  You will be emailed a receipt and a form to complete which will provide us will all of the text and colours needed to complete your site.

Once we receive your form, we will begin working on your site and will have a demo for you approve within 3 weeks from receiving your form.  You will then be able to make up to 3 edit requests on your new site, after which it will be signed off.  You will also be provided with over 8 hours of training videos to edit your site!

Max: After site completion you will be emailed login details to begin your Thriving Therapist Marketing Courses to learn how to market your new site.

Commerce: You will also be emailed a form to complete, as well as offered to schedule your initial design consult.  Upon completion, you will have a tour of your site and taught how to use all of the features!

Can I edit the files ?

Absolutely!  All websites are built on WordPress and are built largely on the Elementor plugin; which is very user friendly!  All levels will have a training module added to their wordpress dashboard, and Pro levels will get an hour training on how to use and edit their site.  Other levels can purchase a live training session at £25 per hour.  Training sessions will be recorded so that you can go back and relearn anything you missed or forgot.

Where will my site be hosted?

All websites and domains are hosted at FreeVirtualServers.com .  FVS is a UK based server, and all plans include unlimited data.  Britt has been using this server for years, and their value is unbeatable!  All domains and will be registered in your name.  Your account details will be required to set-up auto renewals.  *Auto renewals are your responsibility.

What if I already have hosting?

No Problem!  just send us your log-in details in the intake form and we will do the rest.  No discounts are given just because you already have hosting and/or domain, as there is alot of extra work that goes into getting into already established accounts and wordpress

What happens if I don't want you connected to my site anymore?

No worries!  Even though we would hate to see you go, we make saying goodbye simple!  Just let us know you would like to leave (important!  Because we need to prep your plugins before you delete us or your site will crash!) and we will tell you how to keep everything running.  You will simply need to buy licenses for a few of your plugins and then you are good to go!  Everything else will already be in your name, so there will be no problem there!

Will I get support for my site after completion?

Unlike many designers, BrittSpence Webdesign doesn’t charge steep monthly maintenance fees.  We charge £5 per month for basic upkeep like daily plugin updates, added security, and monthly backups.  

Any additional support you require is on a pay-as-you-need basis.  You can message the team anytime from your dashboard and if it is a quick response, then they will reply for free within 24 hours.  If it is a trickier question which requires intervention, then they will fix this for you and screen record it so you can see how they did it.  These sorts of edits are £25 per hour (£25 minimum), and they will tell you the cost before sending you the video

Will I get a downloadable copy of the website?

Yes, after completion you will be emailed an html .zip file of your site.  You should keep this file, because if anything happens you will be able to restore your site from this back-up.